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How it works?

Know more how it all happens

The portrait is made with colored pencils on heavy paper, which can then be framed and affixed.

When you start the purchase process, you can choose how many animals do you want on the portrait and the format (A4, A3 or A2), as well as the payment method. You can choose to make the payment of 50% so that I can allocate the work on my callendar and at the end, it will be asked the rest or the full payment. Whenever any type of payment is made, the invoice is issued.

In the final step of the purchase, a minimum of two photographs with good quality and detail are requested and later attached to the order. Don’t worry if you think tht you don’t have the perfect photos or you may not have the expected result. Before I start I will get in touch with you to choose together which one will work best and only afterwards will I start the work.

Once finished, a photo of the final result is sent to give you an idea of how it looked. Then the work is conditioned with all the security and quality to be sent by carrier to the address that was indicated in the order.

From the first lines of the portrait to the end it is recorded on video and then it will be made available on the Youtube channel.

If you still have questions or at any time after purchase, you can talk to me via my instagram @yuukart or by email at [email protected]